Thành ngữ hay gặp trong đề thi THPT môn Tiếng Anh và bài tập luyện tập

Thành ngữ hay gặp trong đề thi THPT môn Tiếng Anh và bài tập luyện tập

exercise 1: Chpn phirong ân doing

i. Jose had a hard time comparing the iP hone to the Samsung phone because to him they were apples and oranges.

A containing too many technical details B. very similar

C. completely different D. very complicated

2. Peter is the b1ack sheep of the family, so he is never welcomed there.

A. a beloved member B. a bad and embarrassing member

C. the only child D. the eldest child

3. There’s a list of repairs as long as .

A your arm B. a pole C. your arms D. a mile

4. I tried to talk to her, but she was as high as a .

A kite B. house C. s/ D. wall

5. We’re over the .! Who wouldn't be? We‘ve Just won £1 million!

A. planet B. clouds C. stars D. moon


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Break a leg
Good luck! (thu''ng ding dgchuc may mân)
Scratch someone's Back
=Help someone out with the assumption that they will return the favor in the fucure
giup dñ' ngudi khâc vñi Hi vpng ho sé giup lai
Hit the nail on the head
= Dn or say something exactly right
nfii chinh Mac, liim chinh xac
Splitting 8eadoc8e
= A severe headache
dau dau nhtr btia b6
Make someone's 8/oad boil
Um at soi mâa, gian d4
Pay through the nose
= To pay too much for something
trâ gd qN dét
By the skin nL one’s reed
sfit sao, rii sfit
Pull some 'm e’s !*B
choc ai
Pigfit /oo0/ and claw/noi/
d$nh nhau dii dgi, c$u xé nhau
Not bat an e'ye
= To not show any shock or surprise
kh6flz to ra nbac nhIén hay soc
COS't an orm and a felt
mt1â dât d6
Go tn one’s head
khgn a kiéu ng6^
fet/have cold feet
bed somebody by the itose
= To control someone and make them do exactly what you want them to do
nfim In,	dat mñi ai
Off one's feed
dién, los n trf
Pat one‘s/oot in it
ggy ‹shim Ibn, b6i rdi, phgm mot sai Atm gty bol
Stay/keep/be on one’s toe
cânh giâc, than trong
Have in mind
dang suy tinh, câri nhñc
Thârih iigij
To be in hot water
Berter sake Ehan so[cy
Morley is Lhe good servant but a bad master
kh6n l3y eta che th an, dai l$y than che cua
The grass are always green on the other
side ct the fence
ding n0i nay trum nñi no
One bitten, twite shy
chim phai dan sq cñnh cong
In Rome do as be Romans do
nh}p gia tuy tuc
Honesty is the best policy
thât tea la thormg sack
A woMan glues and forgives, a man getx
and forgets
dan ba eta vâ Cha Chy, dan ong mâ. n va
No roses without a thorn
hñng nao mâ ch3ng co gai, viec nao mâ
ch$ng cb vai kho kh$n!
Save for the rainy day
lam khi lanh dé danh khi dau
Its an ill bird that fouls Its own nest
vach éo cho ngtr0'i xem lirng / Tot dep phfi
ra xâs xa dfiy Ta i
Don’t Trouble trouble till twuble troubles
sinh sq s\r sinh
Still water run deep
rim ng4m ti2m ngâm ma 6âm chit voi
Men make house, women make hotne
din 6ng xây nhâ, dân bâ xây to am
Penny wise pound foolish
tham bât b6 mâm
Page the mare go
co ttén mua tien cling du’
like father, like son
con nhâ tong khong gidng l6ng thi ciing
giong cénh
The die is cast
bfit sa ga chét
Two can play that game
gn mjeng try miéng
Practice makes perfect
c6 chug NiNt cñ ngay rim his
Ignorance 1s bliss
khñng biét rhl dna cut ma nghe
No pa in, no gain
c6 Um thi mini c6 tin
A bad beginnIng makes a bad ending
dâu xu6t du6l lot
A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast
gléy râch phâi giiT fly lt
Beauty is but skin-deep
cdi nét &inh chét car dep
Thânh ngii
Calamity is man’s true touchstone
I*a thñ' vang, gian nan thir sic.
Diamond cut diatnond
vo qu'jt d$y c6 mñng tay nhon
Diligence is the mother of success
co c6ng mai sit cñ ngay nén kim
Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can
do today
viéc hdm nay chñ de ngay mai
A for poato = something that is difficult or dangerous to deal wiLh
van 6é nan giâi
A lost cauxe
hét hi vong, kh6ng that doi duoc gl
It never rains but it pours = good or bad
things do not just happen a few at a time, but in iarge numbers all at once
hoa vd den chi
Thânh ngo
A blind date
cure hon giiia b«i ngwdi chya hb quen
mon tinh hilu hinh danh cho ngir0i sap
One's cug of tea
II\ñ‘ ma ai d6 thfch
Odds and ends
linh tinh, vun vñt
leaps and bounds
nhay vpt, vupt trfii
Between two stools = on the horns o£ a dilemma = when someone ñnbs it difficult to choose between two aItemati\res
tion thoâi luñng nan
On the house
khfing phai try tien
Off the peg
Off the record
khfing chlnh thñ'c, khñng dupc cñng b6
Part and parcel
A shadow of a doubt
sq nghi rigs
Bevond the shadow of a doubt
khbag h“e right ngâ
The last straw = a nail in one’s coffin
gtot nu6'c tran ly
The apple of one's eye
No b8i cfia ai
Good egg
ngirtri en nhiin cdch, dâng tin c@
7hanh ngii To go with the how
To keep his shit t en To let off steam

lam theo moi nguñi binh tinh
xa htri
Thânh ngñ
At the drop of a hat = immediately,
ngay lap tttr
Ofiand on/ on and off
lihñng deu djn, thlnh tho +ng
High and low = here and there =
everywhere = far and side
do d3y, khap mgi ml
Spick and span
ngñn nâp, ggn gang
0n the spot = immediately
ngay Up tic
At the elevenfh hour
vâo phut chot
On the top of the world = walking on
the air = over the moon= like a dog with two tails = happy
vut sufrng, hanh phtic
In win
vo icL
A piece of cake
dé nhu' an chao
down the drain
cñy c6c, d6 ra s6ng ra bi6n
Under the weather = off col or
khñng duoc klioé
The end of the world
dâng dd ban tâtn
As fit as a fiddle
Woé nhu vârn
On probation
trong thhi gran gum ché, tâp sir (cñng viéc)
Home and dry = with flying colors
thânh cñng
Apples and oranges = chalk and cheese
rat khâc nhau, khâc mñt troi refit vtrc
As long as your arm
It dâi
As high as a kite
qua phân thick th hug 1â do bi anh hutrng
bd1 db uang cñ cbn hoâc ma tub
exercise 1: Chpn phirong ân doing
Jose had a hard time comparing the iP hone to the Samsung phone because to him they were apples and oranges. 
A containing too many technical details	B. very similar
C. completely different	D. very complicated
Peter is the b1ack sheep of the family, so he is never welcomed there.
a beloved member	B. a bad and embarrassing member
C. the only child	D. the eldest child
There’s a list of repairs as long as ........
A your arm	B. a pole	C. your arms	D. a mile
I tried to talk to her, but she was as high as a ...
A kite	B. house	C. s/	D. wall
We’re over the .................! Who wouldn't be? We‘ve Just won £1 million!
planet	B. clouds	C. stars	D. moon
I’ve never really enjoyed going to the ballet or the opera; they‘re not really my	„,.
piece of cake	B. sweets and candy C biscuit	D. cup of tea
You never really know where you are with her as she us b o and co
keeps going	B. keeps caking rhings
C. keeps changing her mood	D, keeps testing
"Edwards seems like a dog with Lwo rails this morning,” - ”haven’t you hear tfte news2 His wife gave birth a baby boy early this morning.”
extremely happy	B. extremeiy disappointed
C. exhausted	D. very proud
Thomas knows Parts like the hack of hfi ............,..,... He used to be a azi driver there for 2 years.
head	B. mind	C. hand	D. life
Josh may get into hot water when driving at full speed aher drinking
get into trouble	B. stay safe	C, mil into disuse	D. remain calm
You have to be on your toes if you want to beat her
A- pay all your attention to what you are doing	& upset her in what she is doing
C. get Involved ln what she is dotng	D. make her comply with your orders
By appearing on the soap powder commercials, she became a ..	. name.
housekeeper	B. housewife	C. household	D. house
When his parents are away, his oldest brother ............
knocks it off	B. calls the shots	C. draws the line	D. is in the same boat
Hearing about people who mistreat animals makes me go hot under the ............. .. ...
chin	B. collar	C. sleeves	D. vest
I know you are upset about breaking up with Tom, but there are plenty more ..................
A. horses in the stable
B. cows in the shed
C. tigers in the jungle
D. fish in the sea
16. I‘ll have tn go to the funeral of Ms. Jane, a
...	. of mine.
A. heart to heart	£t. body and soul
C. flesh and blooa
D. skin and bones
When the kids asked him about his girlfriend, he‘d go as red as a ..................
tomato	It. chili	C. strawberry	D. beetroot
’Wkat I’ve got to say Lo yuu now is strictly	Lhe record and most certainty not for
publication,’ said the government offic1al to the reporter:
,A. off	B. on	C. in	D. at
i can’t give you the answer on the	; I’ll have to think about it for a few dayx.
place	B. minute	C. scene	D. spot
Someone is going to have to mke responsibility for this disaster. Who is going to	7
foot the bill	B. carry the can	C. hatch the chicken	D. catch the worms
1 am sure your sister will lend you a sympathetic ....... ...... when you explain the situation to her
eye	B. ear	C. arm	D. finger
Apart from those three very cold weeks in January it has been a very	winter
pale	8. mild	C. calm	D. plain
Unfortunately, the injury may keep him out of foothall.	He may never play again.
for good	& now and ihen	C. once in a while	D. every so often
The children were full of bea us today lo oking forward to their field trip.
eating a lot	& hyperactive	C. melancholy	D. lively «nd In htgh spirits
John: *Oh, I forgot ray girlfriend’s birthday last week." - Anne: ”....
A Not on your life	& So1 guess you are i0 the doghouse again
C. Sure, knock on wood.	D. You realiy should get a life.
z5. 5ometimes in a bad situation, here may srill be some good things. Try not ro ’thruw out the
.., . . with the batliwater".
a. fish	B. duck	C. baby	D. child
Exercise 2: Chon phirtrng ân dung
t. Wendy is on the horns of' a diloma! she just wonders whether to go fo r a pie nic with her
{riends or to stay at home with her family.
A. unwilling to make a decision	B. able to make a choice
C. eager to make a plan	D. unready to make up her mind
At every faculiy meeting, Ms. Volatie always manages to put her foot in her mouth ñ. move rap idly	B. trl p over her big feet
C. fall asleep	D. .Say the wro ng thing
If you are ar a loose ena this weekend, 1 will show you around the city.
A free	B. confident	C. occupied	D. reluctant
Thanks to her regular workouts and sensible diet she certainly strikes me as in the ink.
in absolute health	B. in good health	C. in clear health	D. in extreme health
He was sucii a wet blanket at the party tonight! A, He made people at the party wet through.
& He spoiled other people’s pleasure at the party
C. He bought a wet blanket to the party
D. He was wet through when going home from the party
That the genetic differences make one race superior to another is nothing but a tall story.
cynical	B. unbelievable	C. untrue	D. exaggeration
You should accept the Nokia mobile phone as a 16-birthday present from your parents deltghledly Don’t .................
look gift horse in the mouth	B. buy it through the nose
C. pull my leg	D. take it for gra nted
failing to submit the proposal on time was	for Tom.
a real kick in the pants	B. an open and shut case
C. a shot in the dark	D. a nail in the coffin
At first, no one believed she was a pilot, but her documents	colour to her statements.
provided	B. got	C. borrowed	D. lent
Mr Simpkims is the big.	in the company as he kas justbeen promoted to Lhe position
of Managing Director
bread	B. meat	C. cheese	D. apple
Shake a leg or you will miss the train
g Flurry up	B. Slow down	C. Watch out	D. Put down
I‘m going on business or a week, so l"l1 be leaving everything .....
A, on your guards	B. up to year eyes
£. in your capable hands	0. under the care of you
My father hit the rnof when he found that I’d dainagea the can
was over the moon	B. burst with anger	C. went with the flow	D. kept his shirt or
I reuse in believe a word of it; it’s a cock-and	story.
hen	B. goose	C. bull	D. duck
iS. William was as................ as a cucumber when the harsh punishment was meted out to him by
the judge.
A. cool	B. cold	C. placid	D, impassive
One way to let off.................. after a stressful day is to take some vigorous exercise. A- cloud	B. tension	C. steam	D. sweat
1 wish you’d do ihe accounts. 1 don't have	for numbers.
A a head	B. a mind	C. the heart	D. the nerve
He sent his children to the park so that he could have some .........,.....
fresh and quiet	B. quiet and peace	C. peace and quiet	D. fresh and peace
- I think the main problem in this area is the lack of a good bus service.
- You’re right. You’ve hit the	on the head.
nail	B. wall	C. lips
She is walking on the	She doesn’t know how to say.
A air	B. road	C. street
When you do something, you should...
D. hand
D. garden
pay thro ugh the nose
C. weigh up the pros and rons
Someone who is inexperienced is . ... ..
turn over a new leaf
D. huddle into a pen
A. red	B. blue	C. black	D. green
The year-end party was out of this world. We had never tasted such delicious food.
enormous	8. terrific	C. strange	D. awful
The nominating committee always meet behind ciosed doors, lest tts deliberations become known prematurely.
 C. publicly	
She’s so	; you reslly have to watch you say or she’ll wal k out of the room.
A. high a nd dry	B. prim and proper	C. ro ugh and ready	O SICk a nd tirea
jlxercise 3: Chpn pbxrtmg an ding
j. Like everyone else, Sue has her	of coufse but on the whole, she’s quite satisfied with life.
A. ups and do us	B. ins and outs	C. sad and sound	D. odds and ends
Peter is wprgirig in an office. He’s a whire-.	wo rken
collar	B. sieeve	C, shirt	D. button
When confronted with a mass of...............„, tape, many people feel a sense of powerlessness.
red	& green	C. blue	D. brown
Although they are important these visible expressions of culture, which are taught dellberately and learned consciously, are only the	ot the iceberg of culture.
A shtp	B. rid	C. tone	D.Gp
I‘m	„,. , my brother is.
nowhere near as ambitious as	& nothing near as ambitious as
C. nowhere litre so ambitious as	D. nothlrtg as arribitious as
6.1 felt a bit	and seemed to have more aches «nd pairs than usual.
A. out of sorts	B. on the mend	C. over the woist
Man: ‘1 heard you have a part in the school play tonight.“ Woman: ‘Yes, and I’m on	and needles?
bins	8. pins	C. tins
f’m really feoiing under the . ......-.	today: I have a terrible co1‹1.
n Caer the fevers
D. rins
A. weather	B. climate	C. storm	D- cloud
George has	; he loves cokes, chocolate, ice-cream-anything which is sweet.
a sweet monk	B. aweet lips	C. a sweet tooth	D. a sweet tongue
t0. The political candidate knew the issue was » hot .............. ..., so he deferred to his chief of stafl, who directed questions to the committee chairperson.
fi. tOWtO	B. potato	
Making mistakes is all --.	.-..- of growing up.
O- dog
A. chalk and cheese	B. top and bottom	C. part and parcel	D. odds and ends
Don’t let icy mother watch any of those sad movies. She cries at the drop of a.. ... ... .
A hat	& bag	C. cat	D. rag
Oâp an
apples and oranges: horn toan khñc nhau
A, containing too many technical details: chtra quo nhiéu chi tilt ld th udt
B. V8£f Sl1t1i1a1’! It tlfHg dfing
C. completely differtnr horn town kbac nhau D, very complicamd rat phs tap
Tann dtch: Jose da c6 met th6i gian khfi kbân so sânh iPhone vñi Samsung vi doi v'ñ'i anh ây chung hoan toan khâc nhau.
be t›lack sheep: th$nh vién ca brit, ngwñi b1 cho 13 iui té vâ d3ng x$u hñ
A. met thânh vién do9c yâu quj
B, mñt thânli vién tñi té vâ ding flu ho
C. yen mñt
D. ron câ
a bad and embarrassiy member = be black sheep
Tann dich: Peter fâ thânh vlén ca bi{t era gla dinh, nén anh ây khñng bao gi6
Cpu truc ‘as long as your arm’ c6 nghia la rit aâi - very long
. -	!°*: to mot danh sach sha chña rGt dci.
as high as a Site: qué phfin khfrh, tbuñng lâ do bi Huh hiidng b6i d6 usng c6
cbn Code ma tub
Tim dich: T6i da cñ gang nél chuyén vñ c6 ây. nhung c6 ây qua phan khlcb.
(be) over the soon: rat vui
u. m !c*: Chung rdi rgt vui! Ai lai khdng vui cho drrgc? Chung t8i via thang
1 cngu dd la.
(be ilot) one’s cup of tea! (khñng phñi) sd' try	cda ai dd
piece of cake: vice df nha an . o, rat dé
ts.- *!ch: iñ i khñng thlch di rem mica ba lé hay nhac k!ch; cliung kli6ng phai st ting cila téi.
’nlow hot and cutfi: bay thay d6i kite, dao dung
z. keep going: lu6n di
B. ksep takieg things: lu6n liy cac the'
C, krep changing her mood: lu8n thay dfii tâm tr9ng D, keep testing: 1u8n klâm Wa
—• brow Not at	cold = keep changing her mood
Tym djch: Ban kh6ng ban gid thtrc sy brit mlnh dang f dfiu vdi cñ @ vi cñ ây hay thay d6i	kiin.
Bap âzt
like a dog with two tails (idiom): rat vui vé, hgnh phuc
extremely happy: thuc so vui vé
extremely disappointed: thirc sir that vgng
exhausted: kiéi sic
O. very proud: rat ttr hâo
like a dog with two tails = extremely happy
Ta m 8!*h: "Edwards c6 vé rJt hinh pbuc Ing nay.“ - “Ban kh6ng nglie tin gi sao? Vp anh $y da sinh met bé trai sing sum h6m nay.’
Ta co cum “know srh like the back of one’s hand": biét rñ nhu' long bin tab
Tim d]ch: Thomas biét Paris r6 nhu 16ng bin lay Anh ây Ering II tâi sé taxi 6
get into hot water (vJ: Up rxc r6i
get into trouble (v): gap rac r6i
stay safe (v}: girr an toan
fall into dMuse (v) bi bo di khong diing dén
remain calm (v): gi0 blnh tTnh
Tarn djch: Josh cñ thé gip r$c rñi khi l$i xc ñ tdc dñ cao sau khi uñng rtrou.
be on your toes	pay all your attention to what you are doin6‹ chu	to viéc
*e	*! ch: Bgn phai tâp trung vao niu nhu mudn thing c6 ay.
A- housekeeper (n): quñn gia
B. housewife (n): bâ n8i trp
R household (n) gia ‹ftnh; h9
D. house (n): ng6i nha
ta cd elm “a household name (word)’: tén quen thu c; tén eta miâng
Tâm dich: Bang cach xuat hién tren quang cao bñt xâ phñng, cñ trñ tfiânh met cdi té0 quen thu c.
Call the shois = chi huy quyét dlnh v8 nh6ng viéc cân Um
Dlcb nghia: Khi bfi me cñu ay dang xa nhâ, ngiroi anh ca eta cpu ay chs hey, quyit dinh moi vi{n
A knocks it off = dupe dñng de nhi ai d6 dung Um 6n hojc Um phién bgn
C. draws the line = d}at giñi han cho viyc gi; phfin bijt giiia hai thii tuong th
D. is in the sarrie boat = 6 trong cung mgt hoan cinh
"to be hot under the collar: di8n tiét, cau tiét
Titm fijch: Nghe ve nhimg nguñi doi xii khñng tot ver dong vjt khién tñi Otén tax
horses in the stable: ngua trong chufing ngtra
cows in Je shed: b6 trong cfii léu
tigers in the Jungle: con ho trong Eng
fish in the sea: ca ngoâi bien
’T6t biét ban dang bubn v? *iii a lay vñi Tom, nhtmg r6 rat nhiéit hon.... ....„.	“
Ta rhay, dap ân D - Y n6i ct rat nhiéu ca trong biin, nghia la co nhiéu sy Isa chon (vé rig	i), djc bi t thñng dtjng khi n 6i v2 vigc h gn h 6.
’T6i sé phli di dén dam tang cfia ba |ane, mfit	ctia t6i.“
Heart to hgart: chip think
Body and soul: hét lñ ng, hét dg
Flesh and blood: niki cb mfiu mñ ru6t th;t
Skin and bones: tiéu tuy them throng, chi cñn da boc xuong
-• ftp én 13 C
as red as « beetroot: dé t Qtr ct cai dlr6ng
Tann djch: Khi nhñng dtra tre h6i ve ban gâi câa anh ây, mât anh ay dfi nhu' ct
cfii duñng.
off the record: khñng chlnh thifc, khhng c6ng b6
@m dich: Vién chic chfnh phs nñi vñi phñng vién: "Nhirng gl tñi noi vdi ban
bfiy git lâ hoiin town kh6ng chinh thee N chic li khong c6ng thai"
Ta cñ cum ’on the spot" = immediately: ngay tip tire
Tgm dtch: Tñi khñng the cho bin can try ldi ngay lñp tiit; tñi se phai nghi
trong vâi n@y.
foot the bill: thanh toân tion
carry the can: chiu Inch nhi$m, chiu s\r chs trlch
don’t count yours the chicI‹en before they hstch: dimg vfii Tann g\ khi chum châc
catch the worms: uam bât co hyi
Tann dlcb: Ai d6 phâi ch!•	Fch nht6m cho thâm hoa oây. AI st °^!u teach
To ct elm ‘lend an ear to sb/sth”: ting nghe met cach chan thank
M	i< : T6i châC AW <! banñ Eng nghe ban mfit câch dong cam khi bin giai thfch tinh hu6ng v6i chj fly.
for good = permanently m5i m;ii
now and then = sometimes: thinb thoâng
onoe in a while = occasionally: thlnh thoâng
every so often = owaslonally; sometimes: thinh thoâng
Tbm dich: That khfing may; chin thirnng cé th# klilén anh ây rich Lai bñng dâ mai mai. Anh ây cñ thé khñng bao git choi dupe nira.
Thñnh ngii la cdc cum d6ng ter khâc
To pour cold water on something
dci Ttué'c lgnh vao...
Tb blow something out of the water
danh bit, vir9t
To sell/go like hot cakes
dcc dd. dât nhir tom thai
Tb get in hot water = be in trouble/ have difficulty
gdp Phd khân
To hit the books = to study
'to hit the roof = to hit the ceiling
= to suddenly become angry
To hit it off
tâm diu	hop
T'o make good time
di cliuyén nhanh, dt nhanh
To chip in
g6p tion
To run an errand
Um vice vât
To fly off the handle
de not gi§n, phut câu
To cut it fine
dén sit gif
To jump the traRc lights
vupt din dfi
To put on an act
To come to light
dutrc biit dén, du‹yc phut him, dupe dira
ra 3nh sing.
To pull one‘s weight
n6 lire, finn tr6n trâch nhi$m
’to make ends meet
zoay xs at »g	nn
T‘hanh ngii
To get the mold of the wrong end of the
To cut and dried
cuñi cung khñng thé thay d6i, r0 Eng, dé
To know by sight
ohgn ra
'To take pains
lbm viéc c$n than vb tin Bm
To drop sb a l'•e/byte
viét the cbo ai
To turn over 8 new leaf
It	dâu thay doi hanh vi ctia minln
To weigh up the pros and cons
ca n nhac dieu hay lé th iét
To burn the irtIdftight oil = m stay up werktng especially studying late at night
this khuya Um viéc, hoc bar
To p ut sh/st at o ne’s disposal
cho ai tuy y st dyng
To bring down the house
Um Thu ca t‹han phong v6 tay nhi§c Ii4t
To beat about the bush
vbng vo tarn qu6c
To find fault With
chi trick, kiém chuyf'n, hât J6i
To take it amiss = to understand as wrong or insulting, or misunderstand
hi#u lâm
To break the news
thong bâo
To drop a brick
lâ loi, IN miéng
To take st for granted
cor la hien nhién
To break the ice
Thânh ngl2 nay thu’é'ng ding dg dISn th
Iâm m6E Vice gJ d6 dfi gtug moi ngcb’i the
gian vâ tholi mai, dac bid khi m6i gdp
To blow one’s own trumpet
khoe khoa0g. khoâc lac
To miss the boat
lv met co h6l
To put one’s rard on the table
thdng thin
Tb call it a day = stop working
nghl, giâi lao
To hear a pin drop
inn l3ng, Snh liing
To blow hot and cold
hay thay d6i y kiép, dao dfing
To call the shits
chl hey, quyét djnfl vé nhñng viéc cm finn
ddt gi6t han cho v*N gi; phan bi t giiYa
hat ther tirong tir nhau
To foot the bill
thanh town tién
To carrY the can
chin trâch nhijm, chiu sa' chl trfch
Tb throw the baby out with the bathwater
vat b6 nhbng thu dang gifi Eng lfic vñ
rii bh ver thd g1 kh6ng c6n cin

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